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Big foot DNA evidence to be submitted Friday.

Ok this story deeply troubles me on multiple levels. Now for those who don’t know me personally it has long since been a dream of mine to venture deep into the forests of rural America and hunt down the elusive “Big Foot”. To become one with nature and match one of its strongest beasts armed only with my bare fists and ingenuity. The glory of dragging the fallen behemoth with my own strength back to society and proclaiming: “you wanted proof of Big Foot’s existence? Here it is.” But alas, I fear that day will never come. Because two guys found what they claim to be Big Foot deep in the forests of Georgia. They are also providing DNA evidence to further back their claim. Link to the story can be found here.


Db movie forums hate.

I’m not a petty person so when I say I didn’t intend on bashing a bunch of hot topic kids on this website please know that I mean it. I only intended on going there to look at some new “promo” pictures that the movie company put up and get a good laugh, but what I saw quite frankly annoyed me to the very core. Something had to be done. People were actually PRAISING this movie. More specifically for how accurate it looks. So i just had to log in and see what was up, and to ask a few questions. I’ll post screen caps after the break.

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Frank Miller has lost his God damn mind.

So I’m pretty sure this is old news but there is some comic con footage on youtube from The Spirit panel, and its pretty damn horrible. As a guy who likes the spirit its just horrible, and there are too many things to complain about. And you can read Erica Henderson better describe why this is awful on her blog here. What I will say about the trailer that I enjoyed was that Miller stayed true to the comical tone of the story and the fighting, but thats about it. In the story The Spirit isn’t a master of all martial arts like say Batman, he’s just a brawler more along the lines of Indiana Jones and will just throw haymakers. The humor in the comic just doesn’t translate well into the “gritty noir” setting Miller has made for himself, and comes off more as a parody film like “Super Hero Movie”, “Epic Movie”(vomit), and so on. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself after the break. Continue reading

“Da Itha!” Golden Bikini goodness.

If you haven’t “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi” Disregard this post and go to where ever video is sold, rented, or produced and procure a copy. The Scene in particular that this post relates to is when Princess Leia is captured by crime lord Jabba the Hutt and is forced to become his love slave. It has become apparent to be that a website produces a replica of the “golden bikini” worn by Princess Leia in that iconic scene. The bikini can be bought here at This post is not so much news; Just a guy reminding a certain someone that another certain someone is having a birthday in two months.

Olympic fever… Catch it!

So the entire week consisted of me just vegging out in front of the television watching the olympics until I’m forced form my seat by something less important like “my job”. A few things do come to my attention though after watching the events this past week. How the hell did the likes of volley ball, water polo, and wallball become main events? Either way it seems like the U.S. has Phelps syndrome once again and it looks like Lezak is going to get his moment in the sun, he apparently hung out with Lebron James during the games as well. It looks like the olympics are already living up to the hype, and I’m just hoping my favorite events are as impressive as swimming and gymnastics have been so far.

“They never pay the slaves enough so they can get free, just enough so they can stay alive and come back to work.” – C. Bukowski