These are a few of my favorite things.


As gay as this sounds I’m a total cat freak, I can be sometimes be found skimming through “Cat Fancy” magazine when at a book store. It’s an obsession that boarders on obscene.

Film Noir Detectives

In my opinion the paramount of cool, the style is timeless and classy. The stories are wonderful in their clichés: a down-and-out private eye with nothing to lose, a femme fatale who would kill you as soon as sleep with you, and a rare and valuable artifact that links everything together. There’s really nothing better.

70’s Sexploitation Films

There’s nothing I can say about this except see it for yourself, the charm about
“women in prison” films is that it tries to cater to everyman’s desire. A fantasy of a prison filled with sex-crazed beautiful women who will rape you at a moments notice is entirely laughable. Scenes of women in bikinis double fisting machine guns is worth the money of tracking these down alone.

Long legged Asian women

If you don’t like this I don’t care to meet you.

80’s Era Volkswagens

These have always been my favorite kinds of cars, be it a MK2 GTI, GLI, GTX, or GL there’s nothing that can match the appeal this series of cars has over me.


A relatively new development for me but one I enjoy very much. They have a similar appeal as old Volkswagens for me. And people should cycle more anyways, though I have noticed it increasing recently. I guess we have high gas prices to thank for that.

Wes Anderson Films

A visionary director who excels in a style all his own. His films can be both “artsy” and hilarious; someone can almost instantly point out an Anderson film by his quirky soundtracks, the way his actors deliver their lines, and his use of camera angles. His style has an almost “old Hollywood” charm to them that is too rarely seen these days.


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