Db movie forums hate.

I’m not a petty person so when I say I didn’t intend on bashing a bunch of hot topic kids on this website please know that I mean it. I only intended on going there to look at some new “promo” pictures that the movie company put up and get a good laugh, but what I saw quite frankly annoyed me to the very core. Something had to be done. People were actually PRAISING this movie. More specifically for how accurate it looks. So i just had to log in and see what was up, and to ask a few questions. I’ll post screen caps after the break.

Ok I suppose this is a bit petty, but I’m a geek and this vexes me.

and after.


6 responses to “Db movie forums hate.

  1. 404 Before Screen Cap Not Found

  2. this movie is going to be terrible, but i’m going to watch it anyway for laughs haha

    dude lets make a gay stories about dbz and post it on there like we did for the lord of the rings forum haha

  3. Well you have to understand most of the “fanboys” are abunch of newbie fucks who never got into the DragonBall world (They saw a couple episodes and now there ultimate fans). I’m trying to say it’s just the next movie that kids think it’s cool to like. The people who praise this movie are freaking ignorant, and are not real DragonBall fans.

    I for one think the movie should be scrapped immediately. From the promo pictures it looks like a god damn joke.

    Any real DB fan will NOT praise this film! It’s in accurate portrail of one of the best animes made and is sure to bomb at the box office. Maybe in 5 years some one seirouse will take a chance at the movie and actually try to make it good (don’t plan on it).

  4. sounds like a plan joe!

  5. i think we should reveal goku’s incestual lust towards gohan to the DB boards, it shall be sexual and violent. haha

  6. sexual violent and beautiful.

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