Frank Miller has lost his God damn mind.

So I’m pretty sure this is old news but there is some comic con footage on youtube from The Spirit panel, and its pretty damn horrible. As a guy who likes the spirit its just horrible, and there are too many things to complain about. And you can read Erica Henderson better describe why this is awful on her blog here. What I will say about the trailer that I enjoyed was that Miller stayed true to the comical tone of the story and the fighting, but thats about it. In the story The Spirit isn’t a master of all martial arts like say Batman, he’s just a brawler more along the lines of Indiana Jones and will just throw haymakers. The humor in the comic just doesn’t translate well into the “gritty noir” setting Miller has made for himself, and comes off more as a parody film like “Super Hero Movie”, “Epic Movie”(vomit), and so on. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself after the break.

and yes I do believe that’s fecal matter they’re fighting in.


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