We Are The Wasted Youth.

Choosing a direction in life seems impossible for me at this period in time. I have no idea what I want to do, or even how I would go about doing it.  It honestly feels like I’m paralyzed and I’m waiting for an epiphany to strike, but I also fear one may never come and all the time waiting will be wasted.

The best way to describe my feelings would be standing in front of a row of doors that are all locked – or seem to be.  Maybe I’m afraid to even try and open one, for fear of missing out on another opportunity. It doesn’t help that my comfort zone simply reinforces my inability to commit by giving me the mindset, “If you don’t try, you can’t fail.” I know that frame of mind is toxic.  I am afraid of becoming like those around me; full of potential, but too afraid or lazy to utilize it.

We are truly a generation of aimless romantics.


Random crap Friday

– Appaloosa

Honestly this film looks amazing,  what more can you ask for? Mortensen and Harris look amazing.  This is going to be a testosterone fueled thrill ride, and leave you with the taste of dust and aged wiskey in your mouth. Hopefully it may live up to modern western classics like Tombstone and 3:10 to Yuma.

-The Palin and Couric interview

Seriously everyone has to watch this interview Palin’s struggling is more than noticeable it’s laughable. And when it comes to for her experience with foreign policy with Russia Palin goes on to acts like Alaska is the first line of defence against the red menace.

– Daddy-caroni

its delicious.

10:45 a.m., Las Vegas NV, My Room.

Riding bikes today with Goin and maybe baking cupcakes with her. Hopefully all goes well with her bike as it needs a little work here and there, but it really is a beautiful machine.  May decide to stop by H.O.C later to pick up a issue of cog and some decals for our bikes.   I recently started lurking/browsing SUFU again but decided not to post on any W.A.Y.W.T.(what are you wearing today?) posts until I get my steelo just right. which means i’ll need to buy more button ups and a couple new pairs of jeans (I’ve been really hurting for some).  So far no progress with Halloween costume whenever I stop by any thrift shoppes, and with October knocking at our door I’m getting weary as to whether or not I’ll even have one ready for this year.  Also, new comic books came out yesterday, but I’ve yet to pick any up. 😦

So that’s me in a nutshell for now I’ll leave you with some bike porn.

I’m not dead.

So it’s been maybe two weeks since my last post? That’s really horrible for me acknowlege.  I’m pretty sure it is  a result of good ol’ fashioned laze and the fact that I work mornings at my job.  Working for the coffee juggernaught Starbucks unfortunately requires one to sometimes wake up at the delightfully ungodly hour of 3:30 in the a.m.

And  while I’m sure it may seem pleasant to some to be finished with work at noon I find myself dozing off to sleep against my will at times as early as 9 p.m. and that is just criminal for a 21 year old. I’m already a sleepy drunk, but with my new work schedule I fear drinking would put me into a coma.

That being said tomorrow is my day off, and I fully intend on riding the fuck out of my bicycle, and blogging the fuck out of you.

Top Five Worst Character Names in The Comic Medium.

I was bored recently and looked through my collection of comics and stumbled upon a plethora of craptastic characters. Some have just been the product of trends while others have been around for decades. so allow me the pleasure of sharing my picks for worst names (and in some cases also worst character idea) in the comic medium.

5. Mister Terrific (1&2)

Mr. Terrific 1 & 2 with famed "T-balls"

Mr. Terrific 1 & 2 with famed

Ok Mister Terrific makes it on this list mostly on his name alone, But if that were the case that would mean I’d have to throw Reed Richards on here as well. Mr. Terrific is a DC Hero who got his start as a self-made genius/millionaire who gets bored of the mundane life of being able to buy and do anything he wants and turns to fighting crime and helping inner-city youth with the “Fair Play” club. The second incarnation of the hero has pretty much the same origin as the first except he’s…*gasp!* black. The current Mr. Terrific is noted for creating the “T-Balls” which is his equivalent to a floating utility belt.

4. MVP

Most valuable Playa

MVP: Most valuable Playa

A Young hero in the Avengers Initiative who can be compared to this era’s attempt at a Captain America, He dies trying to save a girl he has feelings for and is there after cloned several times. Try to envision Captain America as a bro, and you have MVP.

3. Strong Guy

Quite possibly the ugliest character created

Quite possibly the ugliest character created

I’ll give you three guesses to try and discovers what this character’s powers are. Can’t figure it out? He’s strong, and not just any kind of strong. He’s REALLY REALLY strong. An old member of X-factor and former roadie and bouncer. Strong Guy makes it on the list also because he has annoyed me since childhood.

2. Puck

Puck with the power to never be found physically attractive.

Puck with the power to never be found physically attractive.

A member of Canadian super team Alpha Flight Puck is so named because Canadians love hockey… a lot. He is boarder line midget even shorter then his former team mate and fellow chanuck Wolverine. Puck is an accomplished Soldier of Fortune and gymnast. His trademark move is a series of high speed cartwheels.

1. Superpro

super pro dunking on fools.

super pro dunking on fools.

The Product a short-lived collaboration between the NFL and Marvel Comics in which a former pro football player went from sacking quarterbacks on the field to tackling crime on the streets.(lulz) He wears an indestructible football uniform.

So there you have it my picks for worst characters and names in comics. Feel free to submit your picks in the comment section! EXCELSIOR!!!!

These are a few of my favorite things.


As gay as this sounds I’m a total cat freak, I can be sometimes be found skimming through “Cat Fancy” magazine when at a book store. It’s an obsession that boarders on obscene.

Film Noir Detectives

In my opinion the paramount of cool, the style is timeless and classy. The stories are wonderful in their clichés: a down-and-out private eye with nothing to lose, a femme fatale who would kill you as soon as sleep with you, and a rare and valuable artifact that links everything together. There’s really nothing better.

70’s Sexploitation Films

There’s nothing I can say about this except see it for yourself, the charm about
“women in prison” films is that it tries to cater to everyman’s desire. A fantasy of a prison filled with sex-crazed beautiful women who will rape you at a moments notice is entirely laughable. Scenes of women in bikinis double fisting machine guns is worth the money of tracking these down alone.

Long legged Asian women

If you don’t like this I don’t care to meet you.

80’s Era Volkswagens

These have always been my favorite kinds of cars, be it a MK2 GTI, GLI, GTX, or GL there’s nothing that can match the appeal this series of cars has over me.


A relatively new development for me but one I enjoy very much. They have a similar appeal as old Volkswagens for me. And people should cycle more anyways, though I have noticed it increasing recently. I guess we have high gas prices to thank for that.

Wes Anderson Films

A visionary director who excels in a style all his own. His films can be both “artsy” and hilarious; someone can almost instantly point out an Anderson film by his quirky soundtracks, the way his actors deliver their lines, and his use of camera angles. His style has an almost “old Hollywood” charm to them that is too rarely seen these days.

Big foot DNA evidence to be submitted Friday.

Ok this story deeply troubles me on multiple levels. Now for those who don’t know me personally it has long since been a dream of mine to venture deep into the forests of rural America and hunt down the elusive “Big Foot”. To become one with nature and match one of its strongest beasts armed only with my bare fists and ingenuity. The glory of dragging the fallen behemoth with my own strength back to society and proclaiming: “you wanted proof of Big Foot’s existence? Here it is.” But alas, I fear that day will never come. Because two guys found what they claim to be Big Foot deep in the forests of Georgia. They are also providing DNA evidence to further back their claim. Link to the story can be found here.